Housing Disrepair Claims Manchester

Housing Disrepair Claims Manchester

PR Scully is here to help with your housing disrepair claims in Manchester.

If you reside in a rented property that is in a state of disrepair due to negligence from your landlord or housing association, you may have grounds for a disrepair claim. 

PR Scully in Manchester is here to assist you in initiating a claim for necessary repairs and seeking compensation for any distress caused by the damage and housing disrepair issues in your home.

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Should you have incurred financial losses due to housing disrepair, such as the need for more frequent redecoration or damage to furniture, PR Scully in Manchester can help you pursue compensation. Our team will work with you to request reimbursement on your behalf from your private homeowner for the costs you’ve incurred.

You may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim if you’ve suffered physical health issues or illnesses, such as breathing problems or difficulties resulting from damp conditions. PR Scully’s injury solicitors in Manchester operate on a no win no fee basis, ensuring accessibility to justice for those seeking compensation for housing disrepair or personal injury claims.

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Understanding housing disrepair

Housing disrepair refers to inadequate maintenance of personal property by landlords, resulting in a deterioration of living conditions. This can encompass a number of issues: 

  • Structural defects (walls/doors/roof)
  • Faulty wiring/electrics 
  • Leaking pipes (dampness/water damage) 
  • Malfunctioning boilers 
  • Faulty central heating systems 
  • Potential for gas leaks
  • Blocked drains and gutters
  • Mould

Any failure to provide necessary repairs that negatively impacts living conditions, health and safety, or causes suffering, could be classed as a form of housing disrepair.

Responsibilities of Landlords in Manchester

Landlords are obligated to ensure that their rented properties maintain safe living conditions, as per the tenancy agreement. As a tenant, you contribute to the property’s upkeep through rent payments, and in return, landlords are responsible for carrying out necessary repairs when needed. Before we can use our expertise to help you with your rights, you, as tenants, must notify your landlord about the repair problems, and give them some time to rectify the situation before you get in touch with our office.

Enforcing landlord repairs

If you’ve notified your landlord of property maintenance problems in your rented accommodation, and they have not addressed the necessary repairs within a reasonable timeframe, you can take action. 

Upon receiving details of your complaints, our PR Scully solicitor will communicate with your homeowner on the matter, outlining the required repairs and notifying them of the compensation you are entitled to for the inconvenience and distress caused.

Dealing with denial of housing disrepair

In cases where landlords or housing associations deny the necessity of repairs, PR Scully will engage the services of a surveyor and environmental health officer to assess your property and prepare a detailed report of expert evidence. This report will highlight all the repair faults that need attention.

Possibility of court action

While it is unlikely that you will have to attend court, PR Scully will take necessary steps, including issuing court proceedings, if the landlord fails to agree to carry out repairs as outlined in the expert report. The aim is to obtain a court order compelling the landlord to perform the repairs and secure housing disrepair compensation for you.

For inquiries about your housing disrepair claims in Manchester, contact PR Scully online or phone us on 0161 768 3238 to consult with our legal team.

Housing Disrepair Claims Manchester

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