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If you or a loved one has suffered harm or injury due to medical malpractice or negligence, PR Scully are top-rated medical negligence solicitors in Manchester who can help you to gain compensation and justice. 

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Medical Negligence Claims Manchester

Medical negligence refers to a situation where a medical professional or a medical institution fails to provide the appropriate standard of care to a patient, resulting in harm or injury.

When medical professionals’ actions, or their failures to act, fall outside the accepted standard of medical practice, and this leads to negative outcomes for the patient, you may have a medical negligence claim.

If injury or even death has occurred as a direct result of a health professional’s actions, or their lack of proper care, then you may have a case for clinical or medical negligence.

As negligence solicitors in Manchester, we can advise you on how much your compensation claim could be worth. We offer a free initial consultation, and if you decide to claim compensation, you can do so on a ‘no win no fee’ basis with our firm of specialist solicitors, meaning that you won’t pay legal fees if you do not win the case.

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Examples of medical negligence

Medical negligence, often also referred to as clinical negligence or GP negligence, can take many forms. Here are some examples of medical negligence, many of which we have dealt with directly as negligence solicitors in Manchester.

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis: When a healthcare provider fails to identify a patient’s medical condition (delayed diagnosis), or diagnoses it incorrectly, leading to delayed treatment or incorrect treatment.
  • Surgical errors: Surgical mistakes made during surgery, such as operating on the wrong body part, leaving surgical instruments inside the patient, or making a surgical error during the procedure.
  • Medication errors: Administration of the wrong medication, incorrect dosage, or failure to consider a patient’s allergies, existing condition, or other medications, resulting in adverse effects.
  • Birth injuries: Injuries to the newborn or mother during childbirth due to medical mistakes or negligence, which can lead to brain injury, cerebral palsy or spinal injuries.
  • Failure to obtain informed consent: When a healthcare provider does not properly inform the patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a medical procedure, and the patient suffers harm as a result.
  • Lack of follow-up care: Neglecting to provide appropriate post-treatment care or monitor a patient’s progress after medical procedures.

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How law firms like ours can help

Experiencing sub-standard medical care can have serious consequences, leading to brain injuries, organ failure, and even death. There are very strict rules and guidelines that doctors, hospitals and all healthcare providers MUST follow as to when and how medical treatment should be given.

We are specialist medical negligence solicitors who can advise you of the best course of action and explain the claims process in detail to you in a free initial consultation. We’ll enlist independent medical experts to consult on your medical negligence claim and let you know how much your compensation claim is likely to be worth. 

We also cover dental negligence at our Manchester office. We can answer all your questions about time limits for negligence claims.

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Medical negligence: Who could I claim against?

You can claim against the NHS Trust, the hospital that provided the pre and post-operative care and the medical staff. Very often now the NHS outsource certain diagnostic procedures and treatment to the private sector.

We will take the time to speak with you and discover who is responsible for the negligence and who needs to pay you compensation. In general, all the parties listed above will have insurance covering them for their medical negligence or have budgeted for the cost of paying medical negligence compensation when things go wrong.

We will advise you fully about who you can claim against when we have spoken with you and have a good understanding of how and what went wrong.

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What will it cost to make a medical negligence claim?

Because we understand that our clients may not be able to pay for legal costs upfront, we usually give our clients the option of a conditional fee or ‘no win no fee’ agreement when you work with us as your medical negligence solicitors.

That means that we will do all the necessary work and will only be paid if the case is successful. Sometimes, that means that we will do a lot of work on medical negligence cases where we do not end up being paid.

If we do win the medical negligence case but cannot recover all our fees, we ask clients to pay for some of our fees from their medical negligence compensation. Some firms call this a success fee. We always agree to limit any charges to our clients to a maximum of 25% of their medical negligence compensation.

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Medical negligence claims FAQs

Below are answers to questions that our Manchester medical negligence team frequently get asked by people considering making claims against a doctor, NHS trust or health professional.

What if I have complained to the GP or Hospital and they say it wasn’t their fault?

Sadly, in the vast majority of situations we’ve experienced as medical negligence experts, it’s rare for the complaints procedure to conclude with the GP or hospital accepting full responsibility.

Whether you have been through the internal complaints procedure or not you can still speak to our medical negligence team. We will always be happy to take the time to discuss what your concerns are and to advise you whether we feel that you may be able to bring a clinical negligence claim.

Can I get the treatment I need?

Often the medical negligence suffered has caused additional problems which require further treatment.

We will arrange for your notes to be reviewed and for you to be seen by an independent medical expert. One of the things they will consider is what treatment or surgical intervention you could have to improve your current problems.

What if I have suffered emotionally?

Often the trauma of things going wrong can cause stress and anxiety. It is also possible to be compensated for this within your medical negligence claim.

What if I have been unable to work or study whilst I am recovering?

If you have been unable to work or continue your studies, you can claim for the lost earnings or additional study costs that you have had. Sometimes these can be significant.

Can you help if I cannot work because of the negligence?

We always make urgent requests for interim payments to help our clients. Often the Insurers or Trusts will try to delay making these even where they accept responsibility for their medical negligence. We fight hard to secure interim compensation payments for our clients as quickly as possible.

What about other expenses I have had?

You may also have additional prescription or other medical costs as well as travel expenses and the cost of helping with your recovery. These can all be recovered within your claim. Sometimes the cost of care needed following medical negligence is significant and can be for a long period of time. We will assess your case and discuss this with you.

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