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Have you or someone you know been injured in a road traffic accident? If you or a loved one has suffered physical injuries or psychological trauma as a result of a pedestrian road traffic accident, then you could be entitled to claim compensation.

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At PR Scully, we are personal injury solicitors who will do everything we can to help if you or someone close to you has been injured in a road traffic accident. We are legal experts who can advise you if you have a claim, how much you might be entitled to and what your chances of success are. 

We operate on a no win no fee basis to help clients who may not be able to afford legal representation otherwise. We can guide you through the claims process and are there to offer help and support during all stages of your road traffic accident claim, whether that’s through settlement negotiations or court proceedings.

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Claim compensation for a road traffic accident

Each year, thousands of people in the UK are injured as pedestrians in road traffic accidents, and sadly there are also hundreds of fatalities. Urban roads are the most dangerous to pedestrians, but cars are not the only threat. Sometimes pedestrian accidents happen as a result of a motorcycle accident or collisions with bicycles and E-scooters.

Not all of these accidents are someone else’s fault or end up as road traffic accident claims. But if you’ve suffered a serious injury as a pedestrian in a road traffic accident you could be entitled to receive compensation.

It’s vital to use specialist pedestrian accident solicitors for your road traffic accident claims. The best place to start is with a consultation with specialist injury solicitors like PR Scully. We are personal injury compensation claim lawyers who operate on a no win no fee basis, so you can make a claim no matter what your current financial situation is.

We have a successful serious injury claim record, securing up to £6 million in compensation claim settlements each year for our clients. Trust in our extensive expertise related to personal injury and the life-changing impact it can have on a person’s life. 

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Making a claim with personal injury lawyers

Before going ahead with your pedestrian accident compensation claim case, it is important to establish that the driver was at fault.

If you have been hit by a car or suffered serious injury in a road traffic accident, the police ought to be involved. Once they have been contacted, PR Scully will be able to obtain most of the details for your pedestrian accident claim case from the police report.

In the claims process, PR Scully will need to find out what happened, who the driver was insured with and whether there were any witnesses who can assist with your case.

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What if the driver doesn’t stop but drives off?

If you have been injured in a road accident where the other party cannot be traced, contact our legal team via our website or ring us on 0161 768 3238 for a consultation about the possibility of a road traffic accident claim for pedestrian injuries in these cases.

If the police did not attend the scene of the accident, you should report it to them as soon as possible, especially if you were hit by a car in a hit-and-run accident.

If you or any road users who were witnesses to your pedestrian accident have the registration of the vehicle driver, PR Scully will be able to carry out a search and trace the details of the driver and their insurers.

Even if the driver responsible cannot be traced, there are still accident claim options that we can pursue on your behalf. The Motor Insurers Bureau is an organisation that will meet accident claims against untraced drivers as long as they are satisfied the pedestrian’s claims have taken place as described.

Can I make a claim for my accident?

First, it is essential to prove liability to the fault insurer before you can make a successful compensation claim. Details of the accident events must align with your personal testimony.

Circumstances surrounding your accident, alongside your physical injuries, are vital. These include the vehicles involved, the car driver, poor road maintenance and whether you were in oncoming traffic.

Road traffic accident compensation claims do not always involve court proceedings. As your legal representation, if the driver will admit liability, we will negotiate with the insurance company of the driver involved. Settlement negotiations will normally happen in this scenario.

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What’s a ‘no win no fee’ claim?

Because we understand that our clients may not be able to afford legal fees for serious injury claims up front, we give clients the option of a conditional fee agreement or working on a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. 

This means that worrying about legal expenses doesn’t need to prevent an injured person from making a claim. Sometimes, we do a lot of work towards a serious injury claim but do not end up being paid with the no win no fee approach.

If we do win the injury claim but cannot recover all our fees, we ask clients to pay for some of our fees from their compensation claim settlement. Some firms call this a success fee.

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How are my injuries assessed?

PR Scully will arrange for you to be seen by a doctor who will ask you questions about your medical history and the injuries that you suffered as a result of the pedestrian accident.

The doctor will take into account many factors, by looking at your medical records and asking whether you have had to take time off work and how your home life has been affected by your accident injuries.

Once they have met with you, the doctor will prepare a report and will predict, as accurately as possible, how long they think it is likely to be until your injuries have healed completely.

If you have suffered from a soft tissue injury to your neck or back (more commonly known as a “whiplash” injury), the doctor will say how many months they think it will be before you make a complete recovery from your injuries.

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What happens if I cannot work because of my injuries?

PR Scully understands how difficult things can be if you cannot work due to a pedestrian injury. Losing income becomes especially hard when there are still bills to pay. If liability to your pedestrian accident claim is not disputed, PR Scully will ask the fault insurance company to make an interim payment that covers your loss of earnings while off work as part of the compensation awarded.

As your legal representation, we play a crucial role in liaising with the insurance company on your behalf.

If you are self-employed, the fault insurers are likely to ask for copies of your accounts or tax returns to prove loss of earnings before they will agree to release payment. We can discuss this with you in more detail if necessary.

If you cannot work because you are injured, contact us via our website or ring our legal team on 0161 768 3238 today for a consultation about an injury claim following a road traffic accident.

What happens if I need medical treatment but cannot pay for it?

If we are satisfied that the pedestrian accident was not your fault, we can arrange for you to have physiotherapy and we will recover the physiotherapy rehabilitation services costs from the fault insurer.

A physiotherapist will carry out an initial assessment and should be able to tell you how many sessions of treatment you are likely to need. In many compensation claims, if you cannot access the medical treatment you need on the NHS, the costs of private medical treatment will be part of the compensation awarded.

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How much compensation could I win?

We can advise you at your first consultation on things like time limits for compensation claims, and what happens when the accident is partly your fault or if there is contributory negligence.

Our legal team will be able to advise you in advance of the pedestrian accident compensation settlement we think you should receive. The settlement amount for pedestrian accidents can vary depending on how serious your personal injuries are and how long they are likely to last.

As highly experienced road traffic accident solicitors, solicitors at PR Scully know what you are likely to receive in a settlement for different types of pedestrian accident claims.

P R Scully personal injury solicitors will ask the fault insurers to make a settlement offer for your claim for pedestrian compensation. In order to assess an amount for pedestrian compensation, a lawyer will look at previous pedestrian damage cases that have been decided by the Court.

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