Liposuction injury compensation claims

Liposuction Compensation Claims

Liposuction is an increasingly popular surgical cosmetic procedure in the UK – and as with any surgery, there is the possibility of things going wrong. Liposuction compensation claims can help patients who’ve suffered adverse effects following liposuction, or who’ve suffered from liposuction negligence, get their lives back on track without experiencing financial hardship.

P R Scully are personal injury lawyers with years of experience in cosmetic procedure compensation claims. If you’ve had medical issues or have suffered in any way as a result of liposuction surgery or a negligent liposuction procedure, get in touch with us to find out more about making a liposuction compensation claim.

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What is liposuction treatment?

Liposuction is usually performed for cosmetic reasons to remove unwanted body fat in specific areas. There were over 3,000 liposuction procedures carried out in 2012 to remove excess fat from different parts of the body.

With the rise in liposuction surgical procedures in the UK has come a rise in liposuction compensation claims.

The liposuction surgical procedure involves sucking out unwanted fat in certain areas of the body. The medical professional makes small incisions in the treatment area so small suction tubes can be inserted beneath the skin.

Liposuction is not meant to replace standard weight loss techniques. It targets excess fat in certain areas of the body, like the stomach, hips, knees and arms.

While the treatment is generally safe, it’s possible to have a botched liposuction operation or for the medical professional to fail patients in their duty of care. Where this is the case you can seek damages and secure compensation with our team of lawyers by making a medical negligence claim.

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The liposuction procedure: Types of surgery

Cosmetic surgeons perform various methods of liposuction procedures. If you have experienced problems from a botched procedure that’s caused you injury or physical harm, you may have a valid claim for liposuction negligence and liposuction compensation.

Each liposuction procedure below is aimed at removing unwanted fat surgically:

  • Suction assisted liposuction (SAL) is a standard liposuction procedure. Small incisions are made to the fat pocket area and small tubes or cannulas which are connected to a vacuum-like device are inserted. The surgeon then uses a pull/push motion to penetrate the fat layers, this eventually shatters the fat cells and these are then suctioned out of the body.
  • Ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) is performed under local anaesthetic, small incisions are made to the fat pockets area and cannulas, which are connected to an ultrasonic device, are placed into the incisions. The fat cells are then broken down using ultrasonic energy. The cannula then removes the liquefied fat cells.
  • Power assisted liposuction, also known as electronic-assisted liposuction, is similar to ultrasound-assisted liposuction but instead of an ultrasonic device, a device that transmits rapid vibrations is used to break the fat down.
  • Twin cannula assisted liposuction is the same procedure as power-assisted liposuction yet two cannulas are inserted into the fat pocket, one cannula to break down the fat with rapid vibrations and the other to take the fat away simultaneously. This helps to keep the tissue damage to a minimum as well as reducing bleeding and bruising to the affected area.
  • With water assisted liposuction, an incision is made to the fat pocket. The water jet is then used to create a controlled pressure flow to break down the fat cells which are then removed by suction.

If you have experienced problems following liposuction, you may be entitled to claim liposuction compensation.

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What can go wrong with liposuction surgery?

Although most liposuction procedures are safe, particularly when performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, there are some associated risks.

Health risks should always be explained to you in advance of surgical procedures as part of the surgeon’s duty of care to the patient.

Some possible liposuction risks include:

  • Blood clots
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring/abnormal scarring
  • Lumpy and uneven areas
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Skin burns
  • Liposuction infection from wounds

If you have suffered from any of the above health issues following liposuction surgery and your surgeon either didn’t fully advise you of the risks beforehand or did not take sufficient care during surgery, you may be entitled to compensation.

Liposuction negligence claims relate to liposuction gone wrong. It may be the surgeon did not advise you of risks; was not fully aware of your medical records; or you experienced a botched liposuction procedure on the day of your surgery. You may also have experienced substandard treatment in the aftercare that led to poor recovery.

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How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

How much compensation is paid out for liposuction gone wrong will vary depending on the medical negligence involved, the liposuction injury and medical costs to put it right, injury severity and its impact on your life – including the financial losses caused through loss of earnings.

As a specialist personal injury solicitor with years of experience in medical negligence claims, we can advise you about liposuction compensation claims if you decide to make a claim using us as our personal injury lawyers.

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How will I pay for my liposuction claim?

Because we understand that our clients may not be able to pay for legal costs for personal injury claims up front, we usually give our clients the option of a conditional fee or working on a no win no fee basis.

‘No win no fee’ means that we will do all the necessary work on a liposuction compensation claim and will only be paid if the case is successful. Sometimes, that means that we will do a lot of work as we gather evidence for an liposuction claim, but do not end up being paid with the ‘no win no fee’ approach.

If we do win the liposuction claim but cannot recover all our fees, we ask clients to pay for some of our fees from their liposuction compensation. Some firms call this a success fee. We always agree to limit any charges to our clients to a maximum of 25% of their liposuction compensation when we work on a no win no fee basis.

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