Serious injury claims

Serious Injury Compensation Claims

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a serious injury, it can have a life changing effect both on you and your family.  You may not be able to return to work and you may require regular long term medical treatment or care at home.

The amount of compensation that you receive will not make up for what you and your family have been through but securing the right level of compensation and making sure that you have the best possible treatment is our aim.

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If I have suffered a serious injury, what can I claim for?

What type of medical help and care can I get straight away?

If liability is accepted by the fault insurer, we will arrange for an Immediate Needs Assessment to be carried out by a rehabilitation company.  The rehabilitation company will prepare a report that will detail the medical help that you need and any other assistance that you might require.  The report will also detail the cost involved.  The fault insurer is responsible for meeting that cost and we will ensure that you receive the help that you need as soon as possible.

What about my medical needs and care in the longer term?

Once we know what your long-term position is likely to be, we will make sure that the cost of future medical treatment is covered.  You are under no obligation to be treated through the NHS.  If the treatment required can be more conveniently dealt with through private healthcare (for example, with shorter waiting times and better facilities), you are perfectly entitled to choose private healthcare as your preferred option.  The fault insurer cannot object to meeting those costs.

If your injuries are so serious that you need care and help at home, we will arrange for a long-term care package to be prepared.  We will make sure that you have enough funds available so that the necessary care is provided for the remainder of your life.

What if I cannot work after the accident and I have no income?

We will ask the insurers to make payments (now known as “interim payments”) as your case progresses so that you are not left out of pocket.  We know that you will have bills to pay and that you need to have money coming in.  The insurers will want to have proof of the amount that you earn, so we will ask you for wage slips or, if you don’t have them, we will ask your employer to confirm details of the amount that you earn.  If you are self-employed, we will ask you to let us have copies of your Accounts and Tax Returns as proof of how much you earn.

If it looks as though you are not going to be able to work in the future, when your case is concluded, we will ask the insurers to compensate you for future lost earnings.  For example, if you are aged 40 at the time of the accident, we will ask the insurers to compensate you for the amount that you would have earned until retirement age.

What if I can work but not do the same job as I did before the accident?

We will calculate the difference between the amount you would have earned in your previous job and the amount you are likely to earn in your new job.  We will work out how much you are likely to lose for the remainder of your working life and will ask the insurers to pay this amount.  If we don’t have enough evidence to be able to calculate what your future losses are exactly but we do know that you are going to be at a disadvantage when applying for work, we will ask the insurers to make a lump sum award for handicap on the labour market.

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