Amputation injury compensation

Amputation Compensation

If you are unfortunate enough to have lost a limb as a result of an accident, the effects on your life in general can be devastating.  If you have lost an arm or a leg, your ability to work and live independently will be affected.  You will receive compensation for the injury itself but the bulk of compensation that you receive is likely to be for future lost earnings, future care, future medical treatment and any adaptations to your home. 

The early stages of your treatment will be covered by an Immediate Needs Assessment.  As you recover from your injuries, we will formulate a long-term plan.  You may, for example, need a prosthetic limb.  The fault insurer is obliged to pay for whichever prosthetic limb suits you best. 

It may be that you need several different types of prosthetic limb depending on the activities that you want to carry out in your life.  For example, a prosthetic leg for day to day use would not be suited for more active outdoor pursuits. 

More advanced prosthetic limbs may have a limited lifetime before they need to be replaced and we need to make sure that there is financial provision to cover you for enough replacements for the remainder of your life. 

If your house needs to be adapted, we will ask a specialist architect to prepare a report setting out what adaptations need to be made.  If your own home is not suitable for adaptation, we will ask the insurers to buy a suitable alternative for you.

As well as medical treatment, if you need care in the future, we will arrange for a care plan to be drawn up to ensure that you have adequate financial provision for your care needs to be covered for the remainder of your life.

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