Brain Injury Compensation

Brain Injury Compensation
Fatal Injury Compensation

The exact nature of a brain injury can vary greatly, depending on the severity of the injury suffered.  Some people may suffer a brain injury but they are able to carry on life more or less as normal and it may be, for example, that the only noticeable difference is a slight change in personality, such as losing your temper more easily or becoming a little more forgetful.  Sometimes, this type of brain injury is not even picked up at the Hospital because medical staff are often busy focusing on other more urgent injuries that have been suffered.  This type of injury is referred to as a “subtle” brain injury.  It might only be picked up by detailed questioning from a medical expert such as a Neuropsychologist who will carry out various tests to see how your brain has been affected.

At the other extreme, more serious brain injuries can affect a person in many ways and can lead to serious physical disability.

The first few months after a serious brain injury is a frightening time, both for the person injured and their family and friends.  If appropriate treatment is received, a person can often make significant improvements, but it can take several years before doctors can say with confidence how much of a recovery will be made.

We rely on reports from a variety of medical experts such Neurologists, Neuropsychiatrists and Neuropsychologists.  All of that information is gathered together so that we can have as accurate an idea as possible of how a client is likely to cope in the long term.

What if my family have to look after me?

If you have been cared for by friends or family members, looking after you and carrying out tasks that you would normally have done yourself, you are entitled to claim compensation for that, even if they did not charge you.  This is known as “gratuitous care”.  You are entitled to claim an hourly rate for the amount of care that you receive.  The figure is based around what it would have cost to have employed a nurse to carry out the same tasks.